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The aesthetic appeal of Spa or Salon is crucial to business. Most people choose their Spa based on its facilities and the overall sensuality. That is why your lifestyle facility needs styling that draws your customers and converts them to repeat business as its a well known fact that repeat customers cost less to acquire then getting new clients.

We are the stylists who increase the oomph factor of Spa and Salon facilities in Bangalore. We design unique environments to create unforgettable customer experiences. Before investing in any equipment or furniture, think thoughtfully about your requirement and then take time to contact us. We specialize in Spa and Salon interior design - concept to delivery. Our promise - Zero hassle and complete mental peace.

  • Space planning for efficiency and ambience
  • Furnishings and millwork
  • Fixtures and lightings
  • Colors, materials and finishes
  • Mood and inspiration boards
  • Art and specialty decors

Contact us to create distinct wellness experiences at your spa and salon centers

  • Receptions
  • Beauty areas
  • Treatment rooms
  • Fitness areas

Our Projects

Grooming Galore

1500 Sq. ft.

Little Monster

1200 sq. ft.

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Why Choose Spaceler for Spa and Salon Interior Design – Top 3 Reasons

Our team of 150 interior architects, designers, and factory associates have varied experiences. For Spa, wellness centers and Salon designs, we bring them together to collaboratively share their background and experiences in the industry. As a team, they blend their creative craftsmanship to deliver the best business outcome.

We fully understand the motivations and preferences of the Spa-goers. This understanding helps us develop transformative design concepts that provide optimal guest experience while considering your brand identity, locality, ambiance, and operational flow to provide an overall and wholesome experience to the guests at your facility.

We will interact with you to understand your needs and definitive goals that the design needs to achieve for you, and align our design program to help you achieve them. We begin the process by developing a strategy followed by a conceptual styling brief.

Let us create spaces that allow customers to feel comfortable and relaxed in every corner of your facility. Let us create memorable, desirable and tranquil spa journey within your Spa or Salon.